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The Right Exterior and Interior Painter for Your Project

If you require the assistance of a competent interior painter, our company has the means to take care of your needs. We also provide exterior painting, house cleaning, and drywall solutions. Serving customers in Indianapolis, IN, we can handle jobs of any size and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. With Mr. Torres Painting LLC, you will get exceptional results.

Our Superb Services

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

With our exceptional company, you can select from a long list of modern interior painting options for your commercial facility or home. We can easily paint the entire interior of your property, as well as individual walls, ceilings, and rooms. We will even prime the walls & ceilings and then cover the floors before doing the painting work professionally. Hire us to rely on experts!
Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Call us to do the exterior painting work for your commercial or residential property, and allow us to impress you! We are experienced painters who know how to handle all manner of exterior painting jobs promptly and with great precision. Our solutions will let you transform the exterior of your home with the colors you like. Do not hesitate to hire our company!
Drywall Services

Drywall Services

For superb drywall installation and repair services, hire our reputable company! We also provide other convenient drywall services that include finishing, framing, and painting work and can fix and install all types of drywall. Rely on our team to do everything necessary to achieve seamless results. With us, you can also have amazing drywall ceilings.
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

While cleaning around the house may be time consuming and difficult, we are here to help you. Hire us for a partial or complete cleanup of your house, and we will deliver effective solutions! Choose our residential cleaning whether you need one-time or regular cleaning, and we will do everything necessary to facilitate a sanitary environment in your home.

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Client Testimonials

What they`re Saying About Mr. Torres Painting LLC`s Work

by Joseph Wilson on Mr. Torres Painting LLC
Excellent Services

These technicians painted my house flawlessly, and I was rather impressed with the results. I would gladly recommend the quality painting service of these people. They are skilled and very punctual.

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What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Dedicated to its customers and working at competitive rates, Mr. Torres Painting LLC has been serving the local community since 2023, delivering solutions that epitomize all prerequisites. We do everything, from handling drywall and cleaning jobs to providing an affordable exterior house painting service. With us, you can consider multiple cost-effective options that will match your needs. You can also ask us for advice. Just call for a quick consultation!

What Do We Do?

We think that rigor, commitment, integrity, and positive, proactive customer service are central to establishing a robust company that can overcome challenges. We adhere to that standard and use top-grade equipment to deliver our quality painting service and meet your unique requirements. Our employees are experienced and sincere and achieve stunning results no matter how complex or simple a job may be. They display coherence, courtesy, resourcefulness, and tenacity as they work and can handle any task without hassle. Our priority is customer satisfaction. With an excellent reputation for competence, honesty, responsibility, and excellence, we look forward to assisting you. Do not hesitate to hire us!

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

Our painting service is also available to clients from the following areas:

  • Warren Park Town, IN
  • Avon Town, IN
  • Beech Grove, IN
  • Speedway Town, IN
  • New Whiteland Town, IN

Our company is the perfect choice if you have a property in Indianapolis, IN and need an outstanding whole house interior painting service. Call us today to learn more!

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